Our Services


We work with a wide variety of classic tropical houseplants as well as rare plants intended for use in terrariums and animal habitats. Plant availability changes frequently and is kept regularly updated.


Our aim is to only offer animals which can be kept happily in captivity. As such we breed a specifically curated assortment of reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. At times we may have animals available from local breeders who we wish to support. We also try our best to source captive bred animals for clients looking for a specific species.

Custom Habitats & Terrariums

We build custom planted vivariums and aquariums. Regardless of scale or intricacy, we would love to work with you to make it happen. Bring a piece of living art into your workplace or home.

Animal Habitat Materials

Heat treated biodegradables locally sourced from areas free of pesticide and traffic fumes. Leaf litter, rotting hardwood, terrarium substrates, hardscape elements and more.


We want to talk about nature with you for as long as you can stand it. We would love to work together to develop a program which fits your needs. Terrarium building workshops, reptile birthday parties, and more. Have a crazy idea? We love collaboration- please don't hesitate to reach out and tell us how we can help.

Captive Breeding Programs

In addition to our own list of breeding projects we offer a selection of plants and animals produced in Canada by private hobbyists. Do you breed a species which fits our criteria? Ask us about selling through our store. Our goal is to support and grow the community and keep the hobby sustainable long into the future.

What We Believe

We strongly advocate for the use of the pet trade as a tool of conservation. Human fascination with animals is never going away, and so until captive bred individuals of a given species become widely available, there will always be a risk of doing irreparable damage through smuggling and overzealous importation. By providing healthy, established, wild caught animals to responsible keepers with the dedication and knowledge to breed them we hope to:

  • Reduce negative pressures on wild populations – especially where threatened or endangered.
  • Help to stop illegal smuggling.
  • Establish healthy, genetically diverse strains of exotic animals within the global pet trade.

We Do Not Sell

  • Wild caught reptiles or amphibians unless they have been checked by a vet, medicated as required and quarantined for an appropriate amount of time. We believe this responsibility falls on us and as such we factor vet costs and QT time into the cost of the animal. We would be just as happy to never sell a single wild caught reptile or amphibian, but for us this increased cost acts as a filter to make sure that these animals end up in the right hands and doubles as a method of controlling the health of captive populations.
  • Animals over 1ft long including tail. (Although we would be happy to provide advice on the care of any animal to the best of our abilities.)
  • Wild caught animals without a vet check and a period of quarantine.
  • Animals that are impossible to breed in captivity.
  • Animals that are illegal to sell as pets in Canada.