What is a Bioactive Enclosure

A bioactive animal enclosure is a method of keeping your pets that simulates their natural environment as closely as possible. The essential components of a bioactive setup are live plants, real wood and rocks, and healthy substrate with lots of biodegradable elements. In addition, all bioactive setups are home to a ‘clean up crew’ consisting of isopods, springtails, worms, and other critters. (Microfauna.) Each of these serves its own unique function and together the aim is to create the natural cycles present in your pet’s native habitat within the enclosure in which you are keeping it. Done correctly, this means little to no maintenance, and a happier and healthier pet.

Benefits of Bioactive vs Naturalistic

A naturalistic enclosure uses fake plants and other simple elements which mimics parts of a natural environment but does not re-create one in function. This can be great in some situations but for long term care we believe bioactive is the best way to keep animals. Bioactive planted setups reduce stress by simulating an animal’s native habitat, and allow beneficial natural cycles to develop such as the break down of waste into healthy soil. Constant dismantling of your tank for cleaning is very stressful for some animals, and can expose them to potentially harmful cleaning agents. If an invertebrate clean up crew is utilized, animal waste and uneaten food will be processed naturally, and mould will be kept in check. Think of it like a composter.