The Hidden Path builds custom planted terrariums and aquariums for homes, businesses, schools, and more. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and we welcome any challenge you can throw at us. All setups are created at our shop and closely monitored over a period of time prior to delivering and installing them. This is to ensure that plants and animals are well acclimated and established, and that you receive a finished product with older plants and a more mature, natural feel.

We try to minimize the need for ongoing maintenance where possible, but a certain amount is always required. We always offer maintenance service at an hourly rate for, however specific maintenance instructions will be provided free of charge should you wish to do this yourself.

We consider these pieces of living art, and as such we strive to use the highest quality materials and resources possible. All plants are cleaned and quarantined, and all biodegradables and hardscape elements are heat treated. Our preference is to have a custom acrylic tank built for each enclosure, with ventilation and accessibility features specifically suited to your needs. We also tend to have each terrarium equipped with LED lights and an automatic misting system.

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