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All of our animals are captive bred. Bioactive enclosures are always recommended for long term housing.


Hainan Island Cave Gecko

Goniurosaurus Hainanensis
One of our all time favourite reptiles to keep. Unique and interesting lizards. Great for beginner to intermediate hobbyists. This nocturnal forest dwelling lizard will thrive in a humid room temperature enclosure. They are insectivores and require calcium and vitamin dusting, however no heat or UVB light is needed. NOTE: UVB is always beneficial even for nocturnal species, but Goniurosaurus is regularly kept and bred successfully without the use of UVB.

Porcellio Hoffmannsegii Isopods

Porcellio Hoffmannsegii
Adults reach 1.5 inches. Keep enclosure dry with a one lightly misted corner. Feed heat treated rotting hardwood and leaf litter. Supplement with fresh veggies, fish flakes, brewer's yeast. Reproduces in the spring.

Barbados Brown Velvet Worm

Epiperipatus Barbadensis
This is the first species of velvet worm to make its way into the pet trade in Canada. We have a well established breeding group which has produced many juveniles. Currently not available, however this listing will remain up so that anybody interested can be added to a wait list. We anticipate having them available again for summer 2020.

Crested Gecko

Correlophus Ciliatus
The essential beginner reptile. A staple in the hobby due to their personality and ease of care. Keep them at room temperature with a thorough daily spray down. No UVB light or additional heat is required. These lizards eat a highly specific fruit-based diet which is readily available pre fabricated online and at pet stores. Give them height and lots of live plants. NOTE: Some UVB light is always beneficial, even for nocturnal species. However, crested geckos have been well documented to thrive and breed without it.

Dairy Cow Isopods

Porcellio Laevis
Tolerant of humid environments and slightly drier environments. Keep at least one moderately humid area. Very prolific, fast, and hardy. 10+ per culture.

Zebra Isopods

Armadillidium Maculatum
Keep drier. We use a large plastic bin with no ventilation. Bottom layer of substrate is slightly damp but leaf layer is dry. Spray one corner to one half as needed. Offer a wide variety of heat treated botanicals supplemented with fresh veggies, fish flakes, and brewer's yeast. 10+ per culture.

Cubaris Murina Isopods

Cubaris Murina
Smaller than other Cubaris species but quite prolific. Small orange spots on end of pleon segments. 10+ per culture.

Powder Blue Isopod

Porcellionides Pruinosus
Very prolific and fast. Excellent choice for bioactive cleaners. 10+ per culture.

Powder Orange Isopod

Porcellionides Pruinosus
Orange variety of Porcellionides Pruinosus